Helium Rain

System requirements Helium Rain:

OS: Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Video Card: GTX 470 / HD 6870 or better (1 GB)
DirectX: Versions 10 and 11
Disk Space: 10 GB


Helium Rain

For fans to go into outer space and create spaceships created an adventure game Helium Rain, download from a torrent which you can on our website. The gamer will have to provide space shuttles with various modifying elements, conduct tests of them and even fly in open space on these shuttles. To do all this, you must strive to achieve your goal of studying outer space, take advantage of all the available elements, and be arrogant. You need to understand that not everything is as simple as we would like. You have to fight with dangerous opponents.

More about the game

Ships for sailing in outer space – the only thing you have. Try to arm them well, install reliable armor and modify them. Thanks to their correct application, you will be able to conquer and study outer space, make landings on planets, fight against the enemy. Therefore, you have a long and hard work. And in order to become the chief designer of the space state, you need to download the Helium Rain project on our website via torrent, provide yourself with all available spare parts and strive to become successful. Good luck in passing!


The cargo ship can be equipped with multiple types of weapons and armor, modify the engine and storage compartments. In addition to changes in the components, you can also customize their appearance and color. The battles in space are spectacular and realistic: after delivering several point strikes, you can turn off life support systems or destroy the entire crew.

Sci-fi setting is made at a high level of quality. The technical part is also on top: the developers have provided their offspring with a full-fledged physical model, as well as high-quality graphics and amazing animation. The adventure is accompanied by an excellent soundtrack in the spirit of the genre.

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