System requirements Heavenworld

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i5 (3Ghz)
Video Card: 2 GB RAM card (DirectX 11)
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 5 GB




Amusement parks have long since lost the interest of customers. After scientists have developed innovative technologies that can be used to project another reality into their own world, most people prefer to experience random adventures. But we call you into the heavenly world, not quite ordinary, because there is a zombie theme park there. In this game project, you can customize your gaming experience with over 80 different variations. There will be many interesting things, but you will get the opportunity to edit and save the selected settings with just one click on the button. The project developers took care of this. You can also make your own offers for an effective supplier. If you are interested in the game, then follow the link on our game portal to download Heavenworld torrent there for free.

More about the game

All events unfold in an alternate world in which a zombie is full and an apocalypse is coming. There are no laws, the government does not exist, and the world is divided into different groups. And zombies are not the main headache at all. Complete chaos reigns around, and you must do everything to stay alive.

This will be very difficult to do. What is more remarkable about this game is its features. Here, for example, is the Heavenworld survival game. You will have to try to save your life on large expansive maps that are constantly moving, you will also have to collect resources, fight zombies, try to save other survivors and much more. And your opponents will be representatives of other groups, so there will be quite a lot of battles.

Survival role-playing game with controls

The heavenly world in which all events take place is made in an ideal way to customize your character. All the skills of this world will be displayed on your own. You will have to manage your inventory, try not to die, join the battle with zombies and still deal with the treatment of diseases. Protect your supplies, because their training took a lot of time, and some copies remained in the only version.

Also in the game Heavenworld, you can build several buildings, find vehicles and do their maintenance. You only need to carry out the assigned tasks, hire other participants and, if possible, make an exchange. The master of the game here is quite dynamic, it will be he who will be engaged in control. He processes a large number of parts so that this project acquires its complexity and dynamism. In addition, this has too much effect on the gameplay. As you can already understand, zombies will not be your biggest problem.

You should expect more trouble, just from other groups. They are governed by leaders who are in every camp. Also remember that your actions in the game Heavenworld will be reflected in your reputation. Survivors accept leadership from artificial intelligence, they behave as if there is no concern for anyone. They are engaged in the search for their own resources, as well as the construction of new buildings, the processing and consumption of food, the ability to protect themselves from potential adversaries, in a word, all that they need.

Custom gameplay

You can play Heavenworld using the joystick or keyboard with mice; two formats are also presented here: from the first and third parties. You can get targeted support from a more experienced gamer if you are still a beginner. The game is filled with original adventures. You can create your own alliance and begin to unite with other groups, build an excellent defensive camp and protect members of your community from zombie attacks. You yourself choose what you will do during the gameplay.

You can also create your own maps, thanks to a very powerful editor, and then use your creations directly in the game. You can put the card on display so that other gamers can use it. In a word, you will be completely bored once, because the game is very dynamic and active. You can take all the best from the heavenly world and try to use it to achieve your own victorious result.

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