Heavenly Bodies


System requirements Heavenly Bodies

OS: Windows 7 64-bit and greater.
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0.
Disk space: 1 GB.


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Heavenly Bodies

We continue to conquer the vastness of interactive worlds and look for original adventures. This time we are again ready to offer to use the Heavenly Bodies simulator, which will send you to the vastness of space. He will do this for a reason, but will provide an opportunity to test his abilities to overcome various tests. For example, this time you have to play as an astronaut who must perform various tasks and at the same time try not to die. And if at first everything is extremely simple, then the situation becomes catastrophic and it is almost impossible to survive in such conditions.

More about the game

If it seems to you that you have to survive alone, then do not rush to waste time. After all, there will be another astronaut with you, who will certainly solve many problems in a few minutes. It is on the interaction with each other that the game offers challenges and if you know how to work in a team, then be sure to achieve success. But first, we suggest you not to waste time and go on an adventure. Do not be intimidated, only cold thinking and attentiveness will allow you to get to the desired result. In the meantime, it will be enough just to download Heavenly Bodies via torrent on PC for free.

Dangerous situations

Take your time to quickly solve all the tasks, as you have to face unpredictable events. For example, a ship. In which you have to solve problems will suddenly begin to collapse. Or the item that you need to solve the problem will suddenly end up in open space and to get it you will have to risk the lives of both cosmonauts. And these are only the initial versions of events, in the future they will be many times more dangerous and more unpredictable. And if this does not bother you, then we suggest that you simply take control of the situation and try to achieve success. The first step is to take control of the situation and download the Heavenly Bodies torrent on your PC.

Space has never shone with safety, so you should be extremely careful and strive for success. Do everything to win and try not to die on the mission.

Game features

An unusual test in the vastness of space without any gravity.
An abundance of additional tasks that will help you get to the final, enjoying your superiority.
Interaction with a partner, which will be the main advantage in any challenge.
An interactive environment that allows you to immediately find several options for solving the problem.

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