Heart Of Muriet


System requirements Heart Of Muriet

OS: Windows 7/10 64Bit.
Processor: Intel I5 / 2 Cores.
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: Nvidia GTX 970.
DirectX: Version 11.
Disk space: 1500 MB.


Heart Of Muriet

This is a voxel real-time strategy game where bright battles, a large map, a lot of magic and the atmosphere of the Middle Ages await you, and many, many interesting units. Events take place in the ancient medieval world. There are several factions between which there are constant wars. You, too, were destined to become a participant in this war. Choose one of the factions, complete mission after mission, take part in colorful battles, build new buildings and plunge into adventures. For all this, you just need to download Heart Of Muriet via torrent on your PC.

More about the game

The game uses traditional mechanics for the genre. You will need to build buildings, extract resources, hire units with which you can defend your territories, defend against enemies and attack yourself. And although there is nothing unusual here, thanks to its atmosphere, the game leaves a lasting impression.


Separately, it should be noted the diversity, which applies to almost all aspects of the game. The same applies to game cards, of which there are several here, and each of them is decorated in a different style. The game has a large number of units. You will have the opportunity to create not only simple archers or swordsmen, but also many other warriors. In the middle of your settlement there will be a large tower that can bomb opponents approaching the walls. And the number of different skills will amaze your imagination.

The game Heart Of Muriet uses voxel graphics, which may not be impressive, but in this aspect the developers have worked quite well – everything looks decent, bright and quite beautiful.

Features of the game:

Several dozen units;
colorful battles;
numerous tasks and missions;
a wide variety of all subjects without exception;
several game cards;
many magical skills.

On this page you can download the game Heart Of Muriet torrent free on a PC.



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