Headquarters World War 2


System requirements Headquarters World War 2

Operating system: 64-bit Windows 10.
Processor: i5-4460.
RAM: 4 GB.
HDD: 25 GB hard disk space
Video card: Geforce GTX 750 with 2 GB of memory
DirectX version: 11.
As well as: Keyboard, mouse

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Headquarters World War 2

Headquarters World War II is a tactical adventure that will allow you to become the commander of a large army to actively advance military operations in the conditions of World War II. You will need to carry out a variety of assignments, enlisting the support of infantry, tanks, aircraft and tactical maneuvers. The gameplay itself involves the passage of a large number of various tasks, trying not only to get the most out of the game, but also to demonstrate all your opposition skills. Therefore, if you do not want to waste time, we suggest that you simply download the game Headquarters World War 2 via torrent so that you can get started.

Tactical confrontation

If you like pleasant adventures, then we want to invite you to simply enjoy every moment of the game and get ready to plan. Absolutely all battles will take place on a separate territory and with turn-based confrontation. You have to show your skill and try to use all your capabilities correctly to achieve a good result. A turn-based confrontation will allow you to apply various tactics, use cover and soberly assess the situation that is developing on the battlefield.


Show your best commanding skills and win all combat encounters. Please note that the number of troops is limited, there are not so many resources, and it will not be possible to replenish the losses in any way. Therefore, each player can easily download the game Headquarters World War II via torrent on PC and go on an amazing adventure.

Game features

Tactical battles with a lot of enemies.
Limited number of units and military support.
The cunning wins, not the most confident.
Spacious locations for any tactical manners.

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