Hazelnut Bastille

System requirements Hazelnut Bastille

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Core 2 Duo e7200
Video Card: Integrated
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 16 GB
Gamepad Support: Full



Hazelnut Bastille

Many people like to discover worlds, especially if they are not populated territories, and users become discoverers. We suggest you try your hand in the guise of a brave girl who decided to conquer uncharted places in order to find the most suitable place for development and possible existence. Interesting? Then download the Hazelnut Bastille torrent, and spend your leisure time exciting and fun.

More about the game

But, when the girl fell into unknown worlds, she saw that they were captured by various monsters, and judging by the ruins, it became clear that earlier there was a civilization that someone had destroyed. Now you need to understand what really happened, and deal with all the problems, because this is the only way you can build a new civilization. Do not waste time in vain, download Hazelnut Bastille torrent, fast and free.

Unforgettable adventure

This project is a role-playing game with a top view. You will control the protagonist directly, fighting bloodthirsty monsters. Initially, it will seem to you that they are not dangerous for you, but when you find a boss, you will understand that dealing with him is not as easy as you thought. Get ready to learn new skills, collect all the necessary weapons and equipment, and go to complete exciting missions. If you are already impatient, then download Hazelnut Bastille with a torrent at a convenient time for you.

Intellectual adventure

If you take into account the fact that before, there was a civilization, then you can look for values ​​that have been lost. But in order to find them, you need to be careful, and beware of the dangers that may await at every corner. Moreover, you need to think carefully to guess puzzles and riddles. Try to remember all the unusual places, and do not forget to take all the items that you can find.

Download the game Hazelnut Bastille torrent, spend your leisure time exciting and fun. This project will provide an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere, lurking in itself a lot of unexpected and interesting. A brave girl is ready to hit the road and learn new skills. Now, it all depends on you.

Game features

Incredible fantasy world;
A fascinating storyline;
Unexpected turns of events;
Exciting treasure hunts;
The ability to download Hazelnut Bastille torrent quickly and completely free;

On this page you can download the game Hazelnut Bastille torrent free on PC.



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