Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret

System requirements Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret

Windows OS: 98/2000 / ME / XP;
Processor: 300 MHz;
RAM: 64 MB;
Video Card: 32 MB


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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret – the second part of an exciting computer game in the genre of Action-Adventure. This project is suitable for both adults and children who love magic and good fairy tales. The second series of the game Harry Potter will tell you about the next training course for the young wizard and his adventures in Hogwarts.

Secret Chamber tightly intersects with the events of the book and film-picture. You will see many familiar names and faces, as well as hear the famous voices of actors, voices of characters. The player is waiting for the Quidditch Championship – a sports game in the world of magic, where they fly on brooms behind a “smart” ball, trying not to get caught. All the rules in the game are observed, which will allow you to plunge into this wonderful world more. Also in this school year, a duel club is being opened in Hogwarts, where each student can test his strength in a fight and earn precious candies “Bertie Botts”. If you want to participate in these and other competitive events, you need to run Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret.

The gameplay is presented with a third-person camera in the form of an arcade with an element of simple puzzles. In addition to the mandatory story missions, the player can perform many additional tasks to earn game currency – candy dragee. With the help of all the delicious Berti Botts sweets, you can buy magic cards, healing chocolate bars and sports equipment.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret is a computer game based on the novel of the same name by the famous English writer JK Rowling. It was she who ensured that the project fully corresponded to the original narration.

Also, as in the film and the book, the main character is Harry Potter himself, along with his friends – Ron and Hermione. They are sent to the second year of study. But the problem is that Harry and Ron were late for the train, which is why they are not able to get on the platform nine and three quarters. Then the boys decide to take a flying car and go to the school of magic and magic under their own power. Because of this, they get into trouble, because, having lost control, they fall into a trap set by a weeping willow. Because of this, Professor Snape is reprimanding them. But the main thing is not this, but the fact that students begin to disappear on the school’s territory, as a result of which only stone statues are found. They say that this is the antics of the visitors of the secret room. It allegedly contains the Basilisk, which kills everyone who looks into its eyes.

Unlike the first part, you can walk around the school grounds freely. This made it possible to organize Quidditch tournaments, which you can attend freely, then Harry will be able to get a school cup, or go to classes in the protection from the dark arts. All these activities dilute the storyline and encourage the launch of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret.



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