Harem Wars

System requirements Harem Wars

OS: Windows 7 or Newer
Processor: 1.66 Ghz
Video Card: 1920×1080
Disk Space: 1 GB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Gamepad Support: Partial


Harem Wars

Have you missed the amazing adventures of the genre of visual novels? Well, then today we offer you to free up more time to plunge into a completely new game project. In it, you will enjoy not only the details of the gameplay, lovely girls, but also get the opportunity to collect a real harem. To do this, you need to download torrent Harem Wars on our website for free. You will play the role of a guy in a completely unexpected situation. Now he will have to take part in one battle of the elect. But how is all this remarkable? All he confronts are beautiful girls who have the ability to subjugate people.

More about the game

In Harem Wars, it all starts with a very strange event: your cat started talking, and you can hear and understand her. But then she becomes a real beauty. It follows from her story that a new stage has begun in the battle of harems and you are the only one who can stop it all. And here you see a list of all the beauties who also have power over man. They all consist of different harems, so you have to try to conquer each of them. Do not forget that they can take advantage of your hidden desires, so you need to turn their spells against themselves.

The new god of temptation and passion

So, as we have already found out, your task is to seduce all the girls in the harem and make them obedient to your will. Each of them has its own character traits, so you should find an approach to each of them. You can talk, look for weaknesses … You will feel when the girl is ready to obey you, most importantly, take the moment in time. But there are quite a few beautiful temptresses and not all of them will be able to submit to your charm. They also want to subjugate you and make you their puppet, however, we dare to hope that you will successfully cope with the task and be able to charm everyone.

Game features

excellent visualization;
a large number of beautiful girls;
non-standard storyline;
an opportunity to get a harem;
unexpected ending.

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