Happy Wheels

System requirements Happy Wheels

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: any
Video card: any
Hard Drive Memory: 13mb


Happy Wheels

In the gaming industry, you can find a huge number of racing simulators that were created in different time periods and stranded different popularity. New products are always trying to entice players with something, so the developers are introducing new and unexpected elements. Happy Wheels also belongs to recently released games, the torrent of which you can download on our Internet resource for free.

More about the game

This game is a very original project. If you look closely, it does not look like a racing simulator, as it has elements of cruelty. And the race has always been considered quite peaceful and calm projects. Gamers expect incredibly difficult tests, which you must pass while driving a vehicle. The graphics in the game are very simple, but the gameplay is complicated. In order to pass certain levels, you will have to spend a lot of effort and time. The game itself is filled with extreme adrenaline, has elements of black humor, and the tasks look a little strange, but no less interesting.

Game storyline

There is nothing complicated in the plot of this game. The only thing is that you will not be able to quickly go through all the levels and complete all the tasks. The levels are not connected in any way, so when you move to a new level, you start a new race. You need to be the fastest at the finish line, which is a very difficult task. On the way to the cherished goal, you will come across various obstacles: either knives are scattered, then scattered vegetables or watermelons, which are designed to prevent you from passing. At some levels, you will also have to take the passenger to the finish line. In the course of overcoming the track, he will constantly interfere with you and this will also complicate an already difficult mission.

The range for choosing a vehicle is quite large, but very original. You will not find cars or motorbikes here. You are given the choice of scooters, bicycles and even those pieces that move in jumps. Each level increases the difficulty of passing the distance, there are more and more obstacles in the way, and they are more widespread. The main advantage for you will be that your character is very tenacious, even losing parts from the transport or part of his body along the way, he still goes further. However, do not think that he is immortal.


Purely visually in the gameplay there is nothing complicated, but there are still some peculiarities. It is they who make it non-standard and at some points difficult. You can evaluate the gameplay yourself if you go to our site to download the Happy Wheels torrent. It will be completely free and fast. The game is based on the movement of a character on a particular vehicle, and a new level will be more difficult to pass than the previous one.

Interesting points

The presented game looks very peculiar: it is shown by the graphic design, and the choice of vehicles, and gameplay. Despite the fact that this simulator is already in the public domain, but is constantly updated with new levels, so you can play it indefinitely.


– On the way to the cherished goal you will come across various obstacles and believe me, vegetables and fruits are only the beginning. Among the things that you will meet on the road, you can see much more serious things. You may come across stakes, knives, gears, saws and other piercing and cutting objects. And where without pits on the road? Carefully monitor the track, so as not to such incidents.
– The choice of vehicles is very large. The creators of the game here worked wonderfully and approached the matter from a creative point of view. You can ride a scooter, bicycle, wheelchair and even a lawn mower. Each vehicle has its own nuances in driving.
– Go through the levels as quickly as possible and get more points for it. This will allow you to be among the leaders in the ranking of the game. And although the rating has no value and bonuses, however, you still want to be the first in everything.

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