System requirements HANI:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i3 or Phenom X3 8650
Video card: GTX 460 / Radeon HD 4850 / Intel HD Graphics 4400
Disk space: 1 GB



Introducing an action computer game created by Starmyth as “one or more players” and “co-op”. The style of the environment can be attributed to fantasy, with such features as: indie, magic, 3d graphics and others. We invite you to visit the dark and mysterious dungeons, combining various abilities and artifacts and download HANI to your pc via torrent for free.

More about the game

The player will take on the role of the main character, a simple girl named Hani, whose adventure begins on one of the rainy and gloomy nights. With the help of the system of free equipment, the user will be able to use different combinations, improve their skills and acquire new effects, thanks to which you will have the possibility of interesting passing through the levels.

Game features

The presence of a unique synergy effect in the HANI game enables the user to use different elemental abilities. More than 100 different artifacts will help you improve and improve your character. Also, during the execution of some actions, the user’s colleague will also be able to fight with him. Various special costumes can be applied in the gameplay, and the existing multiplayer mode allows gamers to participate in fights. Do not forget that only the player who first reaches the maximum number of triumphs will win. If you want to immerse yourself in this atmospheric adventure, be sure to turn your attention to this exciting action game.

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