Hanako Honor & Blade


System requirements Hanako Honor & Blade

Windows Vista.
Processor: Intel Celeron.
Nvidia GeForce 630 GT.
Broadband internet connection
Keyboard, mouse


Hanako Honor & Blade

A journey through feudal Japan awaits you in the role of a hero who has lost a loved one and asks questions of life and death. Try all the game modes and visit all the levels, bringing peace or chaos to them, as well as appreciate the online battles designed for 24 players, so we recommend everyone to download Hanako Honor & Blade via torrent.

More about the game

Choose a warrior who will determine the fate of all of Japan: Kenshi (swordsman), Naginatashi (spearman), Ninja (assassin) or Ite (archer). They all have their own fighting style, movement and weapons. Master the combat system using various attacks, abilities and combos. There are several types of attacks, defensive techniques (including using a grappling hook) and abilities (from acrobatic combos that kill several enemies at once, to fiery arrows).

Features of the game

We plan to introduce multiplayer with several game modes, where familiar elements and their updated versions will be used, which should fit into the background of the game and give players a new experience. The combat system is based on direction of movement and additional abilities – from stun attacks to combo attacks. Is customization of the various classes expected?
The developers plan to add the ability to customize characters and weapons. It all depends on the budget of the game.

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