Halo 2 Anniversary

System requirements Halo 2 Anniversary

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (x64)
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 960T; Intel i3550 and better
Memory: 8 GB
Video: AMD HD 6850; NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or better
DirectX: 11
Disk space: up to 65 GB



Halo 2 Anniversary

A game project called Halo 2 Anniversary is another shooter from the game series Halo: Master Chief. The authors of three different studios made every effort to make this project interesting and exciting for you. Are you ready to plunge into an entertaining game with a lot of unforeseen situations? Then you urgently need to play this game. Awesome graphic design will be presented here and you can test your own abilities. Based on the last part of the game, we already know that the eagle was killed, the human race won, albeit not for long.

More about the game

The troops of the allies of your opponents were not very willing to strike at our planet, however, the support was quite strong. Residents managed to fight off the attacking impulses of the enemy, but other soldiers are already pushing. Also, a large number of refugees are transferred to halos, which no one has yet been aware of. This game world is full of mysteries and secrets, and it will also open up pretty good prospects for you in terms of battles and technological progress. The storyline is based on the fact that you have to study new countries, locations and technologies that are still unknown to the human race. In the gameplay, you will find 15 unique tasks that you will have to perform especially carefully. If you like this game project, then we recommend that you click on the specified link. So you can download the torrent Halo 2 Anniversary for free on our online portal.

Story line

The campaign itself did not suffer any changes after the events of the final episode of the first part, so you will get a chance to find out what happened there. As already known, Halo was destroyed, people won. The allies of the enemies wanted to take revenge on the offenders, but humanity still had the resources and forces to repulse. People chased enemies and accidentally ended up in a completely strange and previously unknown place that would reveal a large number of secrets and give answers to questions of interest. You will get access to all of the above only after clicking on the link to our game portal and there you can download the Halo 2 Anniversary torrent for free.

Big changes in the game did not happen, although some of the details are still corrected by the creators. However, for those who often play the series, such changes will not be too noticeable. So, you are waiting for a journey through space stations in the first-person format, engage in battles with representatives of an alien race, capture objects of strategic importance and talk with your teammates. A couple of new stations were added, several errors were fixed, which fans of the game especially eagerly pointed out. So you are waiting for a really dangerous journey through outer space with a lot of battles.

Game features

The Halo 2 Anniversary game project can now be installed on a PC, it looks great in 4K UHD resolution and at least 60 frames per second. Support for keyboard and mouse is also implemented, there are super-wide modes, many different settings and all that.
The game campaign consists of 15 original missions as the CEO in a chapter called Halo Saga. Game projects, such as Spartan-117, are better known as one of the events of the Master Chief saga. See how the war is conducted by the federal government.
In the game Halo 2 Anniversary, you can switch between an improved version of the graphic design and the original game version. Enjoy the new versions of the Blur Studio Halo 2 special project, which was created exclusively for the anniversary.
The presence of an online mode allows you to continue your adventure, even after playing seven updates to this game and 25 original maps with a full development system.

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