Hacked Standoff 2 – Under the map



Hacked Standoff 2 – Under the map

Standoff 2 is an interesting action shooter based on the popular movie. The actions will take place in a very beautiful world with excellent soundtrack. You will be able to control the player in the first person. The game is free, so you don’t have to invest real money. Hacked Standoff 2 is a new cache that allows players to walk through walls on the Sandstone, as well as the ability to sink shallowly into the ground and fire.

What can be done with the help of a cheat

With the sleigh version, you can go through almost any building, but it is better not to play in the open lobby, because you can get a ban and then you have to create a new account. To avoid blocking, create a closed game and play better with friends so as not to spoil the gameplay for other fighters who are fighting fair battles.


When the Standoff 2 game starts, you will need to take a tutorial first. The display will indicate the places responsible for any functions and actions. If you need to shoot or move, then for this you can just click on the sensor in a certain area. The profile contains information about the name and number, the main merits of the player.

A warning

Warning: using cheats and other cheating software can block your account, so think twice before embarking on the path of a cheater. If you do decide to download cheats, then it is better to create a closed lobby so as not to interfere with those who fight fairly, without any privileges. So feel free to download this cheat and enjoy the addictive gameplay. Good luck!

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