Guilds Of Delenar

System requirements Guilds Of Delenar

OS: Windows 7
CPU: 2200k i3
Video Card: Intel Integrated HD5000
Optional: direct X 10.1


Guilds Of Delenar

The guild is the place where a variety of heroes gather who are ready to join the battle, go on an adventure, improve their skills and all in order to glorify you. But in order for the heroes to really be eager to do this, you must show that you are a real leader. Manage the guild, watch how it develops and reaches heights. This is exactly what will be done in the game “Guilds Of Delenar”, which can be downloaded using torrent. Use your abilities wisely, become a true leader of the whole guild, and also prove that your guild consists not just of warriors, but of real valiant heroes.

More about the game

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The first thing that needs to be done is to build a camp in which the heroes will live. It is important to ensure that the soldiers have a place for training, treatment and rest. A bulletin board that can be built in the camp will allow the characters to leave their requests for help, which you can fulfill to gain valuable experience and rewards. Make sure that warriors always have good equipment and an excellent reputation among other characters, because the reputation of the entire guild can depend on one negligent hero.

Perform tasks, achieve success and do not relax for a minute – the soldiers need constant supervision, otherwise they will arrange arbitrariness. Download “Guilds Of Delenar” using the torrent now and become a leader! The features of the game include elaborate graphics, as well as a convenient ability to control each hero. Spare no effort, invest in your guild to make it successful, and yourself a true leader. You have every chance to become the best guild in the overall ranking!

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