System requirements Guacamelee

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, XP, 2000 and Vista
Processor: 2 Ghz +
Video Card: Shader Model 3.0, 512 MB VRAM
Sound device: DirectX compatible
Hard disk space: 800 MB available space




Guacamelee will reveal the story of an amazing person who, by the will of fate, has taken the path of a professional wrestler. A dramatic story tells how a once talented and happy farmer saw a charming stranger near his monastery, and has since been subdued by her unearthly beauty. But in order to get into her soul, Juan is not enough just to grow vegetables. He decides to conquer Mexico with his wrestling talent. Try a fantastic adventure game full of dynamics and action.

More about the game

Become a thunderstorm for every villain in a small poor but beautiful country. Find your own path to fame, fame, recognition, and, of course, love. The game project Guacamelee is made in an extremely attractive setting, the graphic performance simply amazes with bright colors and attractive character design. Kilotons of sparkling humor and fresh ideas will not allow any gamer to gape from boredom – from the youngest to the most experienced. And colorful Mexican melodies will make a wonderful atmosphere for such fun adventures!

Story line

Juan Aguacata is a man with an important mission. Once he was a modest, barely making ends meet farmer. In Guacamelee, he became a barrel-chested hero, decorated with incredible tattoos and dressed in a luxurious mask and incredibly tight leotards – in short, he turned into one of the legendary Mexican wrestlers. El President’s daughter, the most beautiful woman Juan has ever seen, has been kidnapped by the soul-selling devil glory hunter Carlos Kalaka.

The soul of this villain is enclosed in the body of a nonsense rooster – such a piquant fact gives an idea of ​​the humor that generously seasoned the adventures of Juan. Going along the Mexican villages decorated with flowers and piñata, you will meet not only aggressive poultry, but also tired wrestlers, you will see giant enchiladas and get acquainted with ferocious witches yearning for men’s attention. Against the backdrop of Mexican landscapes, an unobtrusive electronic soundtrack sounds in which elusive mariachi motifs are present.

Game features

– Play as Juan Aguacate in the magical world of Guacamelee, full of the spirit and sounds of Mexico.
– Use wrestling techniques to fight enemies and withstand a variety of challenges.
– Switch between two dimensions – the world of the dead (The World of the Dead) and the world of nightmares (World of Nightmares) to save the girl.

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