System requirements GRIME

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5 3470 or AMD equivelent
Video card: nVidia GeForce 960 or AMD equivelent
DirectX: Version 10
Disk Space: 4 GB




Today we present to you an arcade indie game called GRIME, in which you will watch the development of events from the outside. Elements of RPG and horror are also presented here. Your task will be to destroy all monsters and eliminate the boss of the alien invaders.


Regarding the GRIME storyline, it’s not the most elaborate one, this project focuses more on the gameplay. So, the main character wakes up among the ruins. He does not remember anything about himself, about how he ended up here and what is going on. But the only information laid in his head: it is necessary to destroy the source of evil that engulfed this place. Along the way, you will come across mysterious objects and other characters, they will be able to explain to you what happened on the planet, who captured it and whom you now need to destroy.


The gameplay itself is a classic game project arcade genre orientation. You need to kill monsters, collect resources and improve the characteristics of the character. Also in this game an original system is implemented to improve abilities. You can only acquire a new ability when you kill the leader. Some skills are more focused on eliminating opponents, others for quick movement and the ability to dodge attacks, and others for changing locations. At the end of each level, a battle with the boss awaits you, but in the very ending of the story you must kill the main villain, who was the invader who brought hordes of mutants to the planet. You can download the GRIME torrent on our games portal for free.

More about the game

In the game GRIME you will not shoot constantly or wave knives. Everything is much more interesting here, because you get weapons from your opponents. That is why all your weapons can be called alive. You can snatch a sting from one monster, and then use it against other enemies, or tear off a clawed hand from another monster and prevent the enemy from approaching you.

You can not only evade enemy attacks, but also put a block. Each lock fills a special scale that will add you power and stamina. In the end, you can become almost invincible and the only ones you should fear then are the main villains. For those who want to test their strengths, we recommend downloading the GRIME torrent on our website.

Game Features:

minimum conversations and missions, all only active actions and endless battles;
new abilities can migrate to you only after killing the leader;
various monsters with unique abilities and types of attack;
a chance to create a completely unique live weapon;
high-quality graphic design in 3D-format;
a large number of hidden content, you have to find secret rooms, non-plot heroes, secret items;
in the final you will find a powerful opponent.

On this page you can download the game GRIME torrent free on PC.



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