Grim Sight

System requirements Grim Sight

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 4
Video card: 125 MB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband internet connection
Disk space: 1 GB


Grim Sight

The game has all the basic features of role-playing games. You have your own character who lives in a dangerous world inhabited by good and evil creatures. You fight with evil creatures; on the contrary, you help the good ones. As you complete tasks, you gain experience, opportunities for pumping characteristics, new armor, weapons, game currency and influence on the world around you. If you like classic RPGs, you need to download Grim Sight on your PC via torrent for free, the game may pleasantly surprise you.

More about the game

You are not traveling the world alone. Other players will constantly revolve around you, who will also complete quests, kill monsters and pump their character. You can interact with them in every possible way: unite in groups and clans, go through difficult quests together, go to battle with mini-bosses, organize raids into dangerous dungeons in order to find treasures. Grim Sight has a well-developed trading system. This means that if you are missing some ingredients or items, you do not need to go looking for them in the open world at random, because you can exchange with other players.

For PvP battles, there are separate zones in which you can try your luck and fight other players. This will give you invaluable experience and small but enjoyable rewards. The game has a chat, with which you can coordinate with friends, discuss the terms of exchange, negotiate something.

Combat system

You can fight in any style. If you want to become a tank that is not afraid of crowds of monsters, then arm yourself with a sword and shield, put on armor and go into close combat. If you want to be fast and dexterous, then destroy enemies at a distance with the help of powerful bows and magic spells that slow down, weaken and poison the enemy.

Choose your path

Before you in the game Grim Sight is an open world full of opportunities, dangers and adventures. You don’t have to become a warrior. Be whoever you want! You can become a traveler to discover little-known game areas, complete secret missions, and get legendary items. You can become a fierce warrior who shreds enemies left and right, a gladiator who slaughtered hundreds of real players in PvP mode, or a merchant who resells things and owns his own market. Who you will be is up to you!

Game features

In some situations, it is better to team up with other players, for example, to go through dungeons and complete tasks, and in some situations, play alone, for example, in situations where the more people – the less profit;

You do not need to fight all opponents, many of them can be easily bypassed in order to achieve the desired goal (hand over the task, steal treasures);
For victories in PvP, you can receive unique prizes that will make your character unusually strong;
Explore a large open world full of surprises, dungeons, hidden chests, and little-known characters.

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