Grim Dawn

System requirements Grim Dawn:

OC Windows: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2400+
Video card: nVidia GeForce 6800 GT / Radeon X1650



Grim Dawn

Relatively recently, the new masterpiece of PC games, Grim Dawn, has been released. This is a well-developed analogue of Diablo, but with much greater capabilities. The game is made three-dimensional, it has a very powerful engine and, which is also attractive, it is regularly updated. The player is offered a choice of 6 classes for free passing: Night Blade, Exploder, Soldier, Shaman, Magician, Occultist. Each class, of course, has its own characteristics.

The soldier is a tank. Nightblade is a warrior that deals melee damage and restores health with each hit. The Wizard is the most powerful character for drawing a lesson from afar in the game, but is very difficult to control and is not recommended for beginners. The occultist specializes in poisons and inflicts more damage over time than at a time, and also interacts well with his pets. The shaman uses only powerful, two-handed weapons and, like the Occultist, calls for his helpers. Demoman – is half a warrior, half a tank.

The whole plot is built on the love of man for various kinds of experiments. In Cairn, now almost extinct due to human error. Opening a portal to another dimension and letting alien people into the world of people. However, the creatures were much stronger than expected and almost destroyed people. The survivors cooperated and decided to strike back at the enemy, but creatures from another world began to call for help more and more of their companions, because of which the struggle turned into ruthless destruction.

In the full version of the game, the player has the opportunity to collect a lot of artifacts, equipment, to create new things out of it. The main thing is that the game is completely localized in Russian. Enjoy your game.

In the world of computer games, there are projects whose fame lives for many years. Among such, is Diablo. She is not just a legend, but also represented a unique gameplay, which for many years no one has been able to repeat. At least until the release of the computer game Grim Dawn, because it represents a high-quality clone of the creation of the studio Blizzard Entertainment.

Even the plot of the game is something similar. People lived in the world, until a gap forms in the sky, representing nothing more than a portal to another dimension, from which, gradually, creations of hell begin to cross into our world, threatening all living things. Because their ruler will stop at nothing to eradicate the human race and take possession of the Earth, making it his own kingdom.

The player is assigned the role of one of the hunters of demons, who can not sit back and wait until everything around him is destroyed. For this, he uses ancient magic, with the help of which he is able to destroy barriers and kill opponents with the flick of his stick. He uses spells that help him defend himself against the influence of dark forces. The version for the PC, acquired an update that adds several new heroes, and also allows you to run the project in 4K resolution! For this, the developers were not even too lazy to redraw the texture under high resolution.

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