Green Project

System requirements Green Project

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Video card: 256 MB
Disk space: 156 MB



Green Project

In an interactive project called Green Project, the main character finds himself in a rather difficult situation. After three hundred years of sleep in space, he has to return to earth. And when he gets out of bed, he realizes that people have already forgotten him, and the ecological situation has reached a critical level. All people died as a result of the pandemic. You will have to play the role of a young guy who finally wakes up after a long period of time.

More about the game

The hero will return in a capsule. He understands that everything is very difficult with humanity now, and nature is in a dangerous situation. This turn of events was due to one rather specific fungus that no one can recognize. The rest of your days will have to while away alone and in search of a way to stay alive on this empty and destroyed planet. If you want to download the torrent Green Project, then follow the specified link.

Story line

The main task in the game Green Project will be survival and the return of the former beauty to your home planet. Restore a green environment, plant trees, renew damaged nature and move forward step by step towards your goal. Game events will begin in space, and our character will be a real astronaut. It just so happened that he had to fall into a state of such a dream. Only after the time after which he woke up, significant changes took place on Earth.

Now it has turned into a destroyed desert, moreover, there is no one left who could remember him. Everything is collapsing right before our eyes, cities are collapsing, no one knows where people are and whether they have survived at all. You will have to learn this in the course of the game, however, it will not be as easy as it might seem. Moreover, this world is not so pleasant, even though there are no people in it. There are many dangers, even more than you can imagine.

Game features

The ability to get a new experience of a large enough world without downloading.
Grow plants and animals.
The change of day and night is quite dynamic.
The visualization and soundtrack will change based on the circumstances of the game.
The ability to save the progress made.
No online or in-game purchases.

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