System requirements Grayland

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 2GHz + Processor
RAM: 1024 MB RAM
Video Card: DirectX 10 Compatible Video Card
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 500 MB



Today we bring to your attention a fascinating game called Grayland, which tells about a little bird fighting fiercely in the gloomy world of Greyland. A distinctive feature for this game project will be the presence of the original art style. You have to become a little bird, which ended up in the battle of people with extraterrestrial civilizations. This war destroyed the whole country and exposed it to radiation.

You need to fly over the entire infected territory in order to save your cubs and relatives. Your path will lie through destroyed buildings and mines, you will even have to deal with the destruction of radioactive objects. Try not to catch the eye of the flying drones that are tracking you and defeat the leader. If you want to download the Grayland torrent, then you need to visit our game portal.

More about the game

All the events that unfold in this game are truly global in scope. This is one of the alternative realities of the future when representatives of other planets invade the Earth. Now our planet is literally burning. And the fire of radiation is spreading with astonishing speed. People are doing everything possible to defeat aliens and bring peace back to earth. And here you are in the midst of this chaos and destruction in the role of a small bird that is just trying to survive.

In the game Grayland you will have to overcome many obstacles, survive bloody battles, fly over dangerous locations. Regarding the gameplay, it is based on simple mechanics. For example, you will overcome difficulties, study the environment, collect pictograms that will be in the role of radioactive and flammable objects, and just try not to die on the way. You have a journey stretched over 16 well-written levels.

Game features

The game itself Grayland is made in a mixed genre, there is a visual storyline, and adventure. As you progress through the game, you will see that the story told is very fascinating, full of surprises and non-linear narrative. Also in the game elements that significantly change your preferences function successfully. If we talk about the graphic component, then it will delight gamers no less than the gameplay itself. Visualization is very high quality, as well as animation. All in noir style. You will be part of a huge new world to explore. There are many questions and answers to them you will find on the way to the finish line.

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