Gravity Heroes

System requirements Gravity Heroes

OS: Windows 10
Sound Card: Any
Gamepad support: Full


Gravity Heroes

The player needs to go through several dozen maps, on which moving platforms, traps, ravines and, of course, enemies of varying difficulty are located. You can collect bonuses and temporary improvements, kill enemies, bypass them or push them into traps. The main feature of the Gravity Heroes game is the ability to manipulate gravity. For example, you don’t have to go forward and jump. You can crawl along the ceiling and walls to get to the final of the level. The game has mini-bosses and enemies with different abilities: shooting from a distance, quickly approaching the hero, freezing, and so on. Take into account the characteristics of enemies in order to pass the game stages as quickly as possible.

More about the game

The game has three modes. You can go through the levels alone, go through them with friends (you can play in a team of up to four people) or fight against your comrades 1×1 or 2×2 in PvP mode. You can also compete with each other, gaining the best result: collect the maximum bonuses, complete the level as quickly as possible, complete the stage without taking damage, and so on. If you like dynamic arcade games, then try downloading Gravity Heroes on your PC via torrent for free to play through the levels with your friends!


The plot in the game is minimal, but it is still there. You are a person who is trying to destroy aggressive living substances from another planet and mechanical robots. You save yourself and your faithful friends, along the way, bit by bit, finding out general information about the place in which you find yourself.

Game features

Pixel graphics;
The ability to play alone or in a team with friends;
You don’t always need to go ahead, you can get around the enemy if you crawl along the ceiling or the back of the platform. Make the most of your gravitational capabilities;
Each level has different opponents, so get ready to quickly adapt to each of them. There will be no time for delay.

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