Grapher 15.2.311

Additional characteristics Grapher 15.2.311:

full Unicode support;
support for 64-bit systems;
maximum data compatibility;
moving any labels;
cutting out parts of histograms;
fitting curvature;
work with date and time values;
Association of objects for editing.



Grapher 15.2.311

Grapher 15.2.311 is the most famous and effective software that is needed to create two-dimensional graphs. This utility will be relevant for schoolchildren, students, novice professionals, and even experienced professionals. An important advantage of the utility is that it is able to support graphing technology based on functions of the form X (y) and Y (x). This solution saves a lot of time, and avoids complex calculations.

Golden Software Grapher

This is a powerful and at the same time easy-to-use graphics package that allows you to quickly create high-quality graphics. Grapher allows you to build more than 54 types of two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphs. In addition, you can customize any part of the graph or create your own graphs that best describe your data. The program contains 4 types of two-dimensional graphs: linear, columnar, polar and special. All these types of graphs are available in three-dimensional performance. If you need to reflect an additional variable, you can use 3D XYZ graphs, contour maps, or surface maps.

Key features of Grapher:

54 unique types of charts.
Create line charts, slide rules, common scatter points, bar charts, and histograms.
Creating contour maps using data files or Surfer grid files, as well as the fill option.
Overlay contour maps on surface maps or other types of graphs.
Change the contour lines, coloring the map in parts with different colors.
Define multiple confidence intervals for line and scatter plots.
Multi-colored bar and bubble charts.
Simultaneous editing of several objects.
Dynamic headers and footers.
Gradient fill for all objects.
Adding a shadow to the legend.
Splitting long labels to axes.
Exclusion of data from certain rows or columns of a table.
Creating your own charts, giving them a finished look using borders and backgrounds.
Change settings and properties of graphs and much more.

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