Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

System requirements Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories:

Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core Duo / AMD Athlon X2 2.0 GHz (supporting SSE2)
RAM: 1 Gb
Video card: with support for DirectX 9 and Pixel Shader model 2.0
Hard disk space: 3.5 GB



Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

The plot of the game is simple and quite complicated. This is not only a game, but also a psychological task, to which the player immediately receives answers. Its plot can be described as follows: “Chronicles of what is happening earlier and the path of becoming current”; at the time of GTA: Vice City, position … The Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories game answers many questions that arise during the passage of the original, simultaneously with a huge addition when it comes to new events.

More about the game

The protagonist of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories is the soldier Vic Vance. He was a soldier. And he clearly saw the goals in his life. His main task was to defend his country. He did it well, as it seemed to him. However, the leadership had a different opinion on this and he was fired. Literally, “thrown into nowhere.” Hard times have come for him. There is nothing to feed the family, no money. How to be What to do next? He does not know how to earn a living. Such specialties that provide a stable and good income, such as, for example, in medicine, are unknown to him. He is a good analyst, athlete, warrior. He knows how to fight and shoot perfectly.

Story line

To be successful and rich, it is not enough to have good muscle mass and an analytical mindset. This is just in order not to starve to death on the streets of the city. The game takes place in 1984 in a town called Vice City. Life in the city takes place immediately according to two laws: according to the laws of the country and according to gangster laws. In the city, gang groups are traded, who do not reckon with anyone, but rob the population, hunt for blackmail and extortion, fight for power over the city’s districts, and cover drugs. The police cannot defeat them. And among these “brothers” Vic Wanks felt his own. He masterfully owns weapons, fights. He understands that he deserves better than to run errands at the head of the bandits. He walks through the corpses to the top of the criminal empire. To become its leader, Vick Wanks needs your help.

Game features

The main difference between the game Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories, which can be downloaded on our website through torrent, is the ability of the main character to swim well, compared to the hero of the game GTA: Vice City Tommy Versetti. This changes the whole gameplay, making it much easier for players. Now, to steal a yacht or a boat, you just have to swim to it, and does not initially board it. The number of aircraft in the city of Vice City has increased. Now it has become even more exciting to study the beauty of the city from the height of an aircraft.

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