Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

System requirements Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Operating System: Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
CPU: 1 GHz Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon
RAM capacity: 1.5 GB
Hard disk space: 4.7 GB
Video card: 256 MB DirectX 9 graphics card



Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a unique game product in the computer universe “Grand Theft Auto”, which does not hesitate to set its own standards for computer genres. The plot develops at the end of the last century in America – in the invented by the developers of the state of San Andreas. The state is divided into several large cities that are created in the image of real cities in the United States. The new part of the cult gaming franchise made a splash among computer players. The developers introduced many new features into this part and improved the game interface. If you played in previous versions, then you will definitely like this one. To evaluate all the features of “GTA San Andreas”, you need to download the torrent file, which is on our website.

More about the game

San Andreas is a fictional state in America. It is located on the west coast near California and Nevada. The landscapes of the state of San Andreas are more reminiscent of western America. Your player Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will have to go around all the steppes, hot deserts, forests and mountains. In addition to nature, there are huge megacities in this state where you can walk along the streets. The locations of the three cities are never repeated, so it will be very exciting to wander around these places.


Compared to the last part, there are more new heroes. The rules have also changed. San Andreas is one of the largest and richest American states, because many are eager to have control over it. Serious criminal organizations that want to cash in at the expense of others are operating in cities. In the new part, you can become a member of one of these groups and work with them. You have to perform complex tasks, but you will be pleased with the gameplay. Hurry up to visit our website to quickly download the original Grand Theft Auto San Andreas via torrent. Install the game and create your own criminal organization. Gain experience in the fight against clans of opponents, look for your allies, then you can easily realize any of your criminal plans.


The developers of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas have created a large number of vehicles of various categories. You can see cars and trucks of famous brands, buses, bikes and even bicycles. Choose what you need from this and drive to your destination. Another important factor in the successful completion of the task and achieving the goal is quality nutrition. The appearance and endurance of your character depends on how often and what foods you will eat. The gameplay is as close to reality as possible: here, as in life, cars become dirty, people make tattoos that make it easy to determine whether they belong to a particular criminal organization.

Game features

– The graphics “GTA San Andreas Original” is still at a high level. The user is invited to move around three huge cities: Las Venturas, Los Santos, San Fierro.
– Create an image for your Carl Johnson yourself. Choose a suitable hairstyle, stylish clothes and even a tattoo. With the help of training and nutrition, bring the physical form of your hero back to normal, teach him how to drive a car or shoot from a weapon.
– Arsenal offers the player a huge selection: more than 40 different items that can be used as weapons. Your character can use his fists in battle, or maybe strike from an RPG-7. No less impressive is the park of various modes of transport.

Here is the original version of the game GTA San Andreas without mods and any other third-party content.

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