Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Winter

System requirements Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Winter

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Intel Pentium IV / AMD Athlon XP processor (or better);
1.5 GB of RAM;
Video card NVIDIA GeForce 6 with 256 MB of video memory or better compatible with DirectX 9;
16-speed DVD reader
5.9 GB of free hard disk space;



Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Winter

Once again, Karl must return to live in a criminal American city, but now he must help his friends and also launder his own name from the unfounded murder charges. But this time you will go on a mission during a harsh and cold winter, so you have to be careful on the road so that the car does not skid on ice. Download “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Winter” for free using the torrent and go to the familiar metropolis.

More about the game: plot of “Winter”

Karl once left this criminal city, but now he is forced to return to help his friends get out of trouble. In the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Winter, you will again have to infiltrate one of the reputable criminal gangs in order to get good weapons, start participating in deals and climb the criminal Olympus. However, it’s winter in the yard – it’s not easy to fight it, it prevents you from making deals and doing other things. And the car will have to be improved so that it copes in such aggressive weather conditions.

The gameplay of the new add-on

The game will provide you with not only new weather conditions, but also various additional functions. For example, you yourself can cause heavy snowfall to ride along the beautiful streets, enjoying the view. But beware of slippery roads and drifts, so as not to lose your car in an accident. In such circumstances, it’s even more interesting to arrange a kind of race – more extreme. Using the dashboard on the screen, you can control the speed indicators, as well as the level of danger on the road. The developers worked on the graphic component, adding details and realistic physics of the environment. Download “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – Winter” with the help of a torrent on our website and go on an exciting criminal adventure.

Interesting Facts

The characters are dressed according to the weather, and you can also dress your hero in a warm jacket with fur so that he does not freeze in such harsh conditions. By the way, you can change as much as you like until you like the outfit.

Features “GTA San Andreas Winter”

– Convenient camera control and positioning if you want to watch the game from a different angle. You can freely zoom in, zoom out the camera, choose the angle and so on.
– Cars, an arsenal of weapons. Everything will be done in accordance with the winter conditions to give the game more realism. You can also modify your car using earned points.
– Improved weapons that you can independently upgrade to improve its quality characteristics.

Turn on Snow:

CTRL + [Num +] to switch between different snow modes.
Press 1 to turn on the menu.

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