Grand Theft Auto 2

System requirements Grand Theft Auto 2

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95/98 / ME / XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium I or equivalent AMD with a clock frequency of 350 MHz
RAM: 64 Mb
Video Card: DirectX® compatible
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX®
Free space on hard disk: 700 Mb



Grand Theft Auto 2

The world-famous game Grand Theft Auto 2: Lawlessness, which can be downloaded from our torrent on our website, allows the protagonist to become the owner of a huge metropolis and feel the taste of power. Unique expensive cars, trips to famous clubs, a character upgrade to your taste and much more are available for you.

More about the game

The Grand Theft Auto 2 player has to play as a criminal passing several main missions that need to be done, since the city wants this. In the metropolis there are 3 zones that differ in their structures and distinctive features. A variety of tasks you need to complete the player in each of them. The first part is teeming with entertainment centers where gambling, hotels and universities, the second area is full of special subjects for study.

This includes a power station, a punishment cell, a trailer park in the style of King Rock and Roll, as well as an experimental center. By visiting the third area, you will be taken to the Krishna temple. And you will also perform tasks at the meat processing plant and in the port. Therefore, in order to study a thoroughly huge American city, it is recommended first to download the GTA 2 torrent, which we have on the site. The prototype was made by New York.


Gamers have to play for Claude Speed. This character must complete certain tasks, while he can get a huge jackpot or spoil his good name. Visiting every district of the city, he will need to interact with 1 of the gangs who are fishing here. You cannot be friends with 1 of them, since you will receive an enemy. Before you start the task, get it on your phone. To complete tasks on simple missions, calls will go to the green device, medium in difficulty of completion – to the yellow device.

Features of the game Grand Theft Auto 2

The most difficult ones will be sent to the red telephone. To reach the next level, you need to make good money. Performing a variety of tasks, while receiving more money, you can achieve the highest level in the game. It is especially necessary to note that the more money you want to earn, the better should be the relationship with a gangster group from a certain zone and your authority should be higher. Download via torrent Grand Theft Auto: Mayhem, you can on our website. It is interesting in that there is a method of encouragement.

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