Gothic 1 Remake


System requirements Gothic 1 Remake:

OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
Memory: 8 GB
HDD: 30 GB
DirectX: 11


Gothic 1 Remake

Gothic 1 Remake is an RPG with an engaging storyline about a relentless struggle to survive in a dangerous and sinister environment. The game is a remake of the cult project with a renewed world and many unsolved mysteries. Dangerous trials and threats await you, as well as the combat system, which has undergone significant changes, while retaining the original foundations.

You will find yourself in a fantasy kingdom called Myrtan. King Robar and his subjects wage an uncompromising struggle against the countless army of orcs who continue their raids. It is impossible to stop this horde with ordinary swords and arrows; it is possible to cope with enemies only with the help of powerful weapons. For its production, magic ore is needed, which is mined in the mines of Khorinis.

More about the game

The monarch sends prisoners there to organize effective work. The condemned will try to escape, so the king ordered the best magicians to establish a strong magic barrier around the mines. After some time, the magic fails, breaks out of the control of its masters, as a result of which the miners organize a mutiny. They rise to the surface, kill the overseers and claim the local territories as their own. You can download the game Gothic 1 Remake torrent for free on our website.

The king is trying to smooth over the contradictions and negotiate the resumption of work, but the formed factions of the miners cannot agree among themselves. This continues until a new convict arrives in the wild. This nameless hero is destined to change the world, but so far he is sentenced to life imprisonment and exiled to distant territories. Together with your character you will have to survive in a world where threats will be encountered at every step.

Features of the game

You will face dangerous animals and real monsters, meeting with which does not bode well. You will have to deal with people whose cruelty simply knows no boundaries. You must learn to fight for your life and freedom by mastering a complex combat system. You will have access to multiple possibilities for crafting, thanks to which you will learn magic and master the ability to prepare powerful potions. You yourself will determine the fate of your hero. It depends on you whether the character remains an ordinary prisoner or turns into someone who will change the whole world.

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