Goodbye Volcano High

System requirements Goodbye Volcano High

OS: Windows 7 SP1 +
Processor: 1.1 GHz +
Disk Space: 2 GB
Gamepad Support: Full



Goodbye Volcano High

If you sometimes get bored from major adventures, or a glut of events and content makes you turn off the game, and you unwittingly look for yourself another activity, then we suggest you pay attention to the Goodbye Volcano High project. It does not have so much dynamics and emotions, but, nevertheless, it is interesting, original and very exciting. Today we want to present a game with an interesting story in which you have to travel to an unusual world.

More about the game

The place where you find yourself is filled with dinosaurs that are very similar to people. They attend school, work, have families, etc. Your character will be a teenager. Very soon, he finishes school, but the approaching prom night does not bring him joy and positive emotions. This is due to the fact that the hero is the founder and member of the musical school group, which is now very popular. But because of graduation from school, everything can collapse. The player’s task is to help the guy save the group.

Solving household problems

As soon as graduates leave the walls of the school, they will face a number of everyday problems – the choice of a university, place of residence, arrangement, personal life, work, and much more. Passion for music will remain in the past, and there simply will not be time for it. But not all musicians are ready to end their musical career like this at the peak of popularity. Many of them are determined to continue playing, and are even ready to adapt to other conditions. Gamers have to solve a lot of issues, and do everything to keep the group and achieve success. To do all this, you just need to download Goodbye Volcano High via torrent to PC for free. An unforgettable and very original adventure awaits you.

Difficult life

Users have to take the main character into their control, establish relationships with others, engage in the execution of assignments and tasks. At the heart of the gameplay is only the plot features, therefore, there will be no battles here. Watch the story and solve life’s problems. You will encounter frustration, success, and other events. It’s like someone’s real life is embodied in the game. We recommend that you download Goodbye Volcano High torrent to PC right now, without losing a minute.

Game features

All your actions will affect the plot, and therefore the story, so try to be careful and careful. Already, every gamer can begin the passage of this game and enjoy the process and embodied features – the plot, graphics, music, and others. The game will please several endings. We wish you to achieve good results and enjoy the project.

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