Golden Light

System requirements Golden Light:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i-5-4000 +
Video card: nVidia GeForce 1Gb
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 2 GB



Golden Light

Golden Light is a procedural survival horror game with a first-person view, to the bone with a creepy atmosphere and stylized elements. You have practically no health left, and you can only defend yourself with a knife and a long tongue. You wander, wander through the atmospheric floors with pulsating walls of living meat and rusty cages, picking up a shotgun with the possibility of regeneration – and here the fun begins. A nearby bookcase with books is wrapped in black rubbish and attacks you, wanting to tear you into separate organs. You, like a lizard, throw your tongue towards the cabinet, and it explodes fiercely. How did you start?

More about the game

Download Golden Light torrent for free and feel the bloodthirsty mix of action, shooter, horror with elements of violence, procedural level generation and retro surrealism. At the moment, the mode “for one player” is available. According to the developer’s plans, the full version of the game will have a number of differences from the early access version.

The complete storyline of the game has the following features:

additional modifications to weapons and items, skills and talents of characters;
even more locations of the Guts;
new bloodthirsty disgusting enemies and bosses;
new supporting characters;
the opportunity to play the trial version, as well as online tables of those who have already reached the mastery;


The beloved of the protagonist was taken somewhere by creatures from the underworld. You find yourself in a unique and eerie place called Guts, making your way through its hideous tunnels and getting to know nasty and evil, and sometimes friendly and funny creatures. Some of them hinder the passage, while others, on the contrary, facilitate. And to facilitate the passage of the path, you will need all possible attributes: an old pipe, a fire hatchet, a dubious apple made of meat, or even a bat’s head. You will have to find the keys to the elevator on each floor. So, as you progress, a meeting with the boss is approaching.

Game features

procedurally generated levels with valuable items and clues;
a complex and chilling plot;
excellent arsenal of firearms;
gorgeous visuals and soundtrack in the best horror style.

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