Going Under

System requirements Going Under

OS: Windows 95
CPU: 66 MHz
Memory: 8 Mb
Video: SVGA 256 Colors


Going Under

If you are tired of the usual interactive entertainment, then pay attention to this game project called Going Under. This is a role-playing game with elements of satire and action. Locations are constantly generated, but to a greater extent it will be dungeons. Here you will be as an intern who has come to the city of Neo-Cascadia, famous for its gloom. Rumor has it that this place is cursed, so you need to explore it. But you can get there only through secret underground passages that are under your company. Along the way, you will meet damned employees, they live in these dark places.

More about the game

The main task is to make big profits, as well as eliminate monsters and collect property. This simulator is designed for you to build a real empire and earn a lot of money. Therefore, your skills must be included in full. You must be careful, be able to fight and quickly respond to what is happening. Your actions should be carefully thought out, because the result depends on them. You can download the Going Under torrent on our website for free.

The graphic design of the game is done at the proper level, special effects and sound accompaniment corresponds to the theme of the game. The game is available on any platform, so you can enjoy it at any time. There will be a lot of danger and monsters, but you can overcome them.

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