Gods Will Fall


System requirements Gods Will Fall

OS: Windows 10 x64.
Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent.
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460 or AMD equivalent.
DirectX: Version 11.
Disk space: 7 GB.


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Gods Will Fall

This is an action RPG game that takes us on a journey through a fantasy land inspired by Celtic beliefs. The game in which we have to make the gods die was developed by Clever Beans and published by Deep Silver. Gods Will Fall takes us to a fantasy world ruled for millennia by cruel gods living in vast underground spaces. People must worship them, otherwise they will die a slow painful death. Fortunately, not everyone has yet the courage to confront them.

More about the game

Although an army capable of opposing them has been defeated, a few brave warriors are still alive and must now take care of the entire land. In Gods Will Fall, we see the action from top to bottom. The developers give us several heroes that differ in appearance, fighting style and weapons. On one of them, we have to travel to different locations. Each of the places visited belongs to a specific deity, which we will encounter at the end. However, before we can resist powerful beast, we must first destroy the hordes of monsters and deal with the numerous traps and obstacles that guard access to his lair.

Game features

The combat system is arcade, and after killing a certain number of enemies, the hero we control can go into battle rage, which temporarily increases his strength, speed and resistance to damage. In addition, as we progress, we increase the potential of warriors, develop their skills and acquire all the best equipment. The game has colorful graphics in a cartoon style.

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