System requirements Godhood:

OS: Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
Processor: AMD FX 3.5 GHz / Intel i3 3.0 GHz or better
Video Card: Intel HD 4000 or better
Disk Space: 1 GB



It may sound wild, but now you have the opportunity to be a god. Godhood will be of interest to adventure lovers who like to introduce something new. For example, your religion. In this project, you have to carefully consider all the dogmas of your religion, as well as find like-minded people. If you are ready to start, we recommend that Godhood download the torrent from our game storage

More about the game

Wide openness offers great opportunities for success. Godhood has an easy and convenient interface, thanks to which you can play simply. Your goal is to spread your teachings around the world. Know that they may try to prevent you. Therefore, reflect on your every step. To start the game, you can download the Godhood torrent in Russian.


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a god? Then you should not waste time and just start playing Godhood – an adventure game where you will become a completely new god who has to spread religion around the world and try to become the most sought-after deity among all other competitors. To start playing, just Godhood will be enough just to download the torrent on your PC and start exploring all the available controls. Remember that your strength lies in religion, you need to constantly support it and try your best to attract the attention of residents, if you do not, then you will simply lose all believers and be forgotten.

How to attract attention? Create a miracle, create supporters and just surprise. Various monuments, unusual events and a host of other directions, all this will allow you to succeed. Just download Godhood via torrent and you will have a wide scope for activity. The main thing is that you do not relax much, as other gods will try in every way to interfere with you, adjust not the most pleasant situations and spread their religion. How to deal with them, you will already decide personally, but for now it’s worth exploring all the features and draw up an action plan in advance. We wish you success and all the best!

On this page you can download the game Godhood through torrent for free on PC.



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