System requirements GIBZ:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: 2.4 GHz
Disk space: 100 Mb



Computer game GIBZ today is presented to users in early access. Gamers will find themselves in a world in which a huge number of zombies. They are not just many, they are simply teeming. Even their approximate number cannot be found out, because there are a lot of them. Your hero is not afraid of blood, it does not scare him. He has the skills to use firearms, and he has to go hunting. Events that users will encounter, the death of zombies and others, will unfold in the last century, in the 90s. We are talking about the “dashing nineties,” and you can personally see for yourself what hides the meaning of this expression. Well, something like this.

More about the game

We hope that you understand the meaning of the game, and guess what awaits you in this project. Your task is to shoot and control zombies, as well as research and clear locations. Constantly improve your weapon, and make sure that it is always in good condition. After all, this indicator depends on the speed of your fire in collisions with zombies. On all levels you will find various bonuses. There are boxes that need to be opened and climbed inside.

In the computer game GIBZ, the authors provided for a mode involving cooperative passage. Invite your friends to the team, and embark on these exciting and exciting adventures. Fans of the single player game will be a little more difficult. Given the hardcore nature of the game project, you will have to make more efforts to fill up as many zombies as possible. The number of bonuses that you get in the form of coins depends on the number of zombies destroyed. You can spend them on upgrading weapons, on improving the characteristics of your hero. If you rationally distribute and spend your bonuses, then perhaps you will be awarded an extra life, or will be given new abilities. In general, you have to try pretty hard not only to stay alive, but also to get out of the game as a real winner.

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