Ghostship Chronicles

System requirements Ghostship Chronicles

OS: Windows 10
Processor: i7 Haswell / Skylake or later
Video Card: 10 Series Nvidia Card (1070/1080) or 1080 TI
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 14 GB



Ghostship Chronicles

For active collectors of interactive projects in the shooter genre, we present the new game Ghostship Chronicles, which will be an excellent replenishment. You only need to go on a new exciting journey and try hard to achieve a positive outcome. In the presented game project, you will become a mercenary who is sent to fulfill a particularly important and dangerous mission.

More about the game

You will receive weapons and go to rescue the ship with the colonialists. They became victims of a dangerous infection, but at the moment when you move to the ship, you will not know about this fact. After all, this infection can prevent you from winning this game. The whole reason is that people who have become infected have turned into bloodthirsty zombies. So, you need to eliminate all unwanted characters and get victory in this dangerous adventure.

Maximum rage

In order to start your gaming activity, you just need to launch the application and go on a journey. You must be prepared to shoot a lot and accurately. If you like this kind of game projects, then we recommend that you download the Ghostship Chronicles torrent absolutely free on our online portal. First you need to disinfect the entire ship so that the infection does not spread anymore, then fight the monsters and try to destroy them all.

The final chord of Ghostship Chronicles will be an attempt to be in the control room. To complete all these tasks will be quite difficult, so you should concentrate as much as possible and begin an active confrontation with your rivals. Thank God that our main character has military training, uses various types of weapons and is able to withstand even the most severe blow. But you need to first deal with all the details and get a positive outcome.

Unpredictable denouement

It should also be noted that the storyline in the game Ghostship Chronicles is quite exciting and fascinating. Yes, when you start playing, the gameplay will seem rather easy and predictable, but after going deep into the game process, studying all the nuances, you can understand the whole point. It will be necessary to examine all documents, analyze secret files, etc.

Game features

After analyzing all these data, you will understand what’s what, and turn to customers, you will be especially interested in the timing of the return of the spacecraft. Yes, you may have doubts about this, or maybe you just destroy it. Before you start actively playing, you need to download the Ghostship Chronicles torrent at the specified link on our games portal.

The presented first-person shooter will show you a very dynamic and active gameplay. We also need to note the high-quality graphics in the game and a great story. We can only wish you a good time!

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