Ghost of Tsushima

System requirements Ghost of Tsushima

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (x64)
Processor: 3.2 GHz six-core Intel Core i7-3930K | 3.2 GHz six-core AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Video card: AMD Radeon R9 390 with 4 GB of video memory | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 with 4 GB of VRAM


Ghost of Tsushima

The plot of Ghost of Tsushima download torrent on PC, tells us about the tragic and difficult fate of a lonely Japanese samurai in 1274. It was at this time, the hordes of the Mongols led by Kublai Khan invaded the territory of Japan, namely the island of Tsushima. It was at that time that the Mongol Empire was in its heyday, enriched and expanded thanks to the aggressive campaigns of Genghis Khan. His grandson, Khubilai, continued the aggressive policy of his great grandfather. And the small island of Tsushima became the first point of his campaign. Without any problems, his army killed the few defenders of the island. The only survivor of the garrison was the Japanese samurai Jin Sakai. He alone fights countless hordes of the Mongol horde, using the ancient knowledge of his ancestors and special techniques developed by the great samurai masters.

More about the game

Tsushima Island, on which the game will take place, is a fully open gaming location. The player is free to move along it in any direction. The island is not an empty place, on the contrary, it is full of castles and small villages, covered with bamboo forests and authentic Japanese vegetation. The mechanics of the game are implemented with the closest proximity to Japan in 1274, it is not without reason that the game can rightly be called a historical action. The player will have to conduct a full-fledged guerrilla war against foreign invaders, moreover, this will have to be done almost alone, because all the soldiers of the island were destroyed. Sometimes, Jin can enlist the support of a surviving peasant or the widow of a deceased samurai, but he will still have to take the brunt of the war with the Mongols.


Gameplay in Ghost of Tsushima download torrent on PC, full of battles and single battles. Jin is controlled from a third party. The game is not an ordinary slasher; fighting has been given realism to real physics. For a successful outcome of the battle, it is necessary to combine various strokes, as well as put blocks on time. In addition to choosing the right tactics for victory in battle, it will also be useful to use special fatality and other techniques available after accumulating stamina. Stamina grows after missed blows, as well as successful attacks by Jin himself on the enemy.

Game features

Each character in the game has a strip of HP. To kill the enemy, it is enough to reset the strip of his HP. In addition to face-to-face combat, which does not work with a large numerical advantage of the enemy, the samurai can use ninja tactics. Sneaking behind enemy lines, killing an enemy general from an ambush, using poisoned weapons, or sneaking onto the roof of an inn where the Mongols rest and cut them in a dream – the game provides a large number of tactics. The hero has the protection that he is provided with samurai armor, he is armed with a real Japanese katana. Over time, the player will be able to buy improved armor and weapons from blacksmiths in castles and villages.

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