Ghost in the Shell First Connection


System requirements Ghost in the Shell First Connection

OS: Windows 7 x64
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Video card: GeForce GTX 260
Disk space: 3Gb
DirectX: 9
Network: Broadband internet connection

Ghost in the Shell First Connection

Ghost in the Shell First Connection takes you to Japan in the future. Everything around is based on the latest technological inventions and technologies, you are surrounded by tanks and cyborgs, but all this is stylized as the Middle Ages. At least this is what the characters look like, their clothes, and some other elements. One of the special services of the state consists of the most experienced people, defenders of the law. Their duties include many points, they are engaged in reconnaissance, eliminate state enemies. The characters will need to start a number of duties, very difficult tasks, and quite secret.

Game features

– The project belongs to shooters, and it will be played from one person. There is a role-playing game.
– It was developed for Microsoft Windows.
– Availability of PvE and PvP modes.
– Everything in the game is recreated under steam-punk, everything is saturated with the atmosphere of Asia.
– The game has a cyborg setting function.
– Gamers can interact with allies, and they can share skills with them.
– Users will change the settings of their character, give him power, which will allow him to freely use weapons, add stealth, thanks to which the character will become invisible.

You can also find enemies using drones, fortify towers, and perform other actions.
– The game project is as close as possible to the animation film that is based on. This will allow anime fans to enjoy their favorite stories.
– Your character can use a large arsenal of weapons, as well as protective equipment, ranging from firearms, and ending with tanks that can walk, and combat helicopters.
– The game has good graphics and unusual musical accompaniment, which creates a special atmosphere of the gaming universe.
– Project Ghost in the Shell First Connection is made in the style of a Korean game, and endowed with Japanese futurism.

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