Ghost Hunters Corp


System requirements Ghost Hunters Corp:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: i5-2500 or equivalent
Graphics: GTX 970 or equivalent
Disk space: 16 GB


Ghost Hunters Corp

Voices from the underworld can make even the bravest person shiver. Are you ready to end the invasion of the dead into the realm of the living? Do you have the makings of a ghost hunter? Will you be able to fight the ghosts alone or organize the work of the team and cleanse the world of undead? It’s easy to answer these questions: just download Ghost Hunters Corp. torrent free and become a legend in the story of endless ghost fighting.

More about the game

The game’s plot is based on ideas drawn from films and TV series. The hero will become an exorcist and exorcise spirits from gloomy locations. The player will explore abandoned houses and estates, clear huge medieval castles. Along the way, the character needs to find or purchase special devices that are effective in detecting ghosts. Any rustle, changes in the biofield or shaking of the CCTV camera will not go unnoticed.

The process of exorcising spirits is strictly regulated by licenses. The hunter is allowed to use the Tiger’s Eye stone, holy water, or a powerful neutron cannon. Each ghost has its own characteristics, for example, immunity to any type of weapon. Proper use of the items in the inventory will be the key to the successful completion of Ghost Hunter Corp.


The game has a single player mode, as well as multiplayer. Up to 4 gamers can play simultaneously over the network. The characters will have to accumulate coins and experience in order to spend them on pumping skills and buying items.

There are several types of spirits in Ghost Hunters Corp: ghosts, shadows, demons, poltergeists. In multiplayer, the difficulty of the passage increases. In the course of the game, the AI ​​adapts to the manner of the gamer’s actions, so it will not be possible to complete the plot using one tactic.
Convenient bonuses to the interesting gameplay will be a user-friendly interface, realistic graphics, and stereo sound.

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