Gene Rain

System requirements Gene Rain:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 3210 (3.2 GHz)
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 750Ti (2 GB)
Disk space: 15 GB


Gene Rain

One of the creators of interactive projects, namely the company Deeli Network, presented a completely new game project. This adventure will be very exciting and exciting, and also give you a lot of vivid impressions. More attention is concentrated precisely on the most active adventure. You can download Gene Rain torrent from the link in the description on our online resource for free. But this will only be available on the official release of the game. While we can only talk about some of the features, but believe me, it remains to wait a little bit. And you will have the opportunity to have an amazing time and enjoy the gaming atmosphere.

More about the game

Game events will tell you a story about how mankind failed to gain control over the results of experiments obtained in genetic engineering. And so the year 2100 came, and powerful robots swallowed the earth. In order for people to be able to get rid of these mechanisms, a special squad called the Death Squad was created. They have to deal with the execution of orders and sabotage. If everything succeeds and everything necessary is done, then people will have the opportunity to eliminate the threat. You just have to wait a little more and then you can download the Gene Rain torrent on our gaming site.

Game features

It should be noted that the adventures in the game will be rather difficult, and you will have to take into account all the directions and changes, which will be quite a lot. You will have quite a lot of weapons, as well as enemies, so this content should be enough to have a great time. We wish you only good luck and successful gameplay!

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