Gears Of War 2

System requirements Gears Of War 2

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i7 series
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce gtx 980 ti
Disk space: 8 GB



Gears Of War 2

We recommend that all fans of game projects in the action genre in the third-person format to turn their eyes to the presented game Gears Of War 2. Before you will be not just a standard adventure, but a new part of the legendary game series, which tells the story of the struggle of people with a swarm. The first part told how the war between these characters began and that now for them the main mission will be to bring it to the end.

More about the game

You will be assisted in completing this assignment of Gears Of War 2, the most important thing is to use the presented opportunities as efficiently as possible and shoot accurately at the target. Everything else will already be added during the game. Do not worry, you will definitely get what you want, just do not waste time and start actively working with the environment.

The return of the swarm

The storyline of the presented project will tell everything that is happening: about how people woke up something very gloomy, enormous and insanely cruel after their first encounter with the enemy. And the swarm has now taken over everything, it can appear anywhere, it kills people and hunts for all the soldiers. Therefore, if you like such dynamic projects, then you will certainly take the opportunity to download the Gears Of War 2 torrent for free on our game portal. The storyline is quite unpredictable and unexpected, the main thing is to closely monitor what is happening in the game and act actively and effectively. You must be prepared for the fact that the swarm will practically chase you on the heels, destroying all the people you know.

Increased cruelty

Also worth mentioning is another rather interesting fact in this interactive adventure: the game Gears Of War 2 has an increased level of cruelty. Shooting at a great distance always looks quite spectacular and ordinary, but in the case when you can get closer, you can use fist melee techniques or just use a chainsaw. Perhaps you already guess how cruel this project will be. Around is just a sea of ​​blood, body parts and other equally impressive details are scattered, which will become the basis for the presented game.

Therefore, we are telling you everything in advance, so that later this spectacle does not shock you. Regarding bonus levels, hiding places and collecting icon collections – this is also part of the main task in your adventure. So, if you are not a very impressionable gamer and the abundance of blood does not scare you, then you definitely need to download the Gears Of War 2 torrent on the presented game portal. There you can achieve all your goals and just have a great time.


This rather non-standard confrontation will please with a stunning storyline and other entertaining details. You only need to make an effort to achieve a positive result and just enjoy all the game functions. Regarding the rest – it will be that promised surprise, which will definitely be a revelation for you. We can only wish you a good game and have a good time!

Game Features:

good visualization;
spectacular shooting;
interesting system of close battles;
unforeseen storyline;
mass fights.

On this page you can download the game Gears Of War 2 via torrent for free on PC.



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