System requirements Gamedec:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: i5-3570
Video card: GTX 550
Hard Disk Space: 30GB



Gamedec is a 3D RPG with an isometric camera. Events unfold in the world of the near future, where computer technologies and robots have made higher progress and have become part of the decisive life of society. Many people live purely in virtual worlds, where they can even commit crimes. Such cases are investigated by the main character, who is a technologically modified police officer.

More about the game

Gamedec combines an advanced role-playing system, as well as detective and lively action in real time. However, the story is the most important aspect of the game. At first, the game resembles typical role-playing games where you need to explore vast locations, complete various quests, fight and pump your skills.

Features of the game

But then complex detective investigations appear with all the consequences, this concerns the interrogation of witnesses and suspects, as well as the search for evidence. Various implants help in all this, which help in different playing situations. Separately, it is worth highlighting the excellent study of locations and their variety, as well as the game world as a whole. It has its own laws and history, which are revealed in the course of the game, as well as vivid events and thoughtful characters.

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