Game Dev Masters


System requirements Game Dev Masters

OS: Windows 7 (SP1) 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-3225
RAM: 4 MB of RAM
Video card: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 5 GB


Game Dev Masters

Game Dev Masters is an interesting combination of strategy, simulation and role-playing game in 3D space. The protagonist is a lone developer of new games. Develop, make decisions, create sellable games and develop your character. The events of this game take place in an alternate world. The main character is a simple hired worker who is invited to make a career in game development. He will have to use knowledge, skills and ingenuity to make more money, develop the company and, of course, move up the career ladder. It is worth paying attention to the whole gameplay, which looks attractive and non-standard. In this game you will find many new, interesting and unusual things that distinguish this game from many others.

More about the game

In Game Dev Masters, you don’t have to build an office, deal with the economy, invest, sell and buy, as is usually the case in similar games. The game is about making the right decisions. Here the player will be given many options for choice and the course of events depends on what decision he makes. Only your decisions will determine how the game will turn out, whether it will be successful and whether the character will be able to make money on it.

Features of the game

There is also procedural generation in this game. Thanks to this, each new development of the game and each playthrough is unique. Depending on the action, tasks will be generated that will have to be solved, and the consequences to which certain actions will lead.

As for the development of the games themselves, it is not difficult to understand this process. Before starting the development process, you need to define a budget. You also need to choose a topic and decide what to focus on (technology, gameplay, etc.). The themes of the games are varied. By the way, the result will largely depend on their choice.

Be prepared to make decisions not only regarding the development of the game, but also the employees, their training, methods of financing, and much more. You just need to download the Game Dev Masters torrent on your PC.

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