Galaxy Squad

System requirements Galaxy Squad:

OS: Windows Vista or later
Processor: Dual Core Processor
Video Card: 128MB | Opengl support
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 2 GB


Galaxy Squad

If you love space adventures, then you should definitely download Galaxy Squad – an adventure that promises to be not only unforgettable, but also quite suitable. After all, now you can take on the role of brave space adventurers who decided to get rich and explore the secret corners of the universe. True, they did not expect that they would encounter a lot of dangers during the trip. Therefore, you have to take command over yourself, try to plan their actions and apply tactics in order not only to survive, but also to destroy enemies. In general, the fate of adventurers is in your hands.

More about the game

As for the main adventures in the game Galaxy Squad, then you have to take advantage not only of various and interesting discoveries, but also tactical battles. You have to explore space, travel on spaceships and land on planets. In most cases, you will fall into a dangerous territory, but there will also be peaceful places where you can take quests, trade and just enjoy the environment. But in any case, it will be necessary to fight, since the world has become completely different and the wimps have no place in it. Therefore, the skills of battle and tactical interaction should be a priority.

Game features

Separately, it should be noted that at first glance the graphics in the Galaxy Squad game are not so modern, but they are worked out in detail. Various small details, great opportunities in terms of finding secrets, what to speak of a variety of activities. All this will become the basis for your entertainment and fascinating journey. Do not forget that you will not only manage your new heroes, but also be responsible for equipment, weapons and even abilities. Destroy enemies, find allies and just have fun with the game. We wish you good luck and great success!

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