Galactic Inheritors

System requirements Galactic Inheritors:

Operating System: Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8.
Processor: 1.8 GHZ
Video Card: Nvidia GT / s 4xx or equivalent
Hard disk space: 1 GB



Galactic Inheritors

The computer game Galactic Inheritors belongs to the genre of turn-based strategies, and its development belongs to talented developers representing a gaming studio called Crispon Games and Argonauts Interactive. She came out in the early summer of 2015. Starting the game Galactic Inheritors, download the torrent that we offer from our game resource, you will command a spaceship, study stars, and engage in battles, the prize for victory in which will be power in space. You will need to raise your rating among other commanders who are fighting in the galaxy. To gain galactic power, efforts must be made to develop technology. The designer of the game Galactic Inheritors was Chris King. To plunge into the game world, and take part in exciting and exciting space battles, you need to download Galactic Inheritors via torrent. Before you in the game will be five races, unique, and having many advantages. Choose one of them, and start battles, changing the history of each race.

More about the game

All gamers who start playing Galactic Inheritors need to increase the rating and influence of the Empire, which is in space. And for this you have to study the galaxy, find strategic points, colonies in solar systems. You have to show strategic abilities, resort to sabotage and tricks, and then your opponents will be overthrown. To simplify your task, you can use the media. The gameplay involves traveling through the galaxy. The creators made it in the form of jumping lines. Each move can be one jump. As a rule, the creators do not often resort to this system of moves, but here, in this game product, such a solution looks logical. To get acquainted with this game, you can download Galactic Inheritors torrent right now, from this page. This strategy has some key points – the control of checkpoints during expansion and destruction. You have to explore new technologies, and each of them will allow you to get new units, and new tasks. Be prepared for the fact that you are required to build a personal infrastructure. It will allow to further increase the commercial component in the system, as well as other parties important for the game.

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