Galactic Civilizations 3

System requirements Galactic Civilizations 3

Support only 64-bit systems
OC Windows: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Video Card: 512 MB DirectX 10
Hard disk space: 6.08 GB


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Galactic Civilizations 3

Galactic Civilizations 3 is a continuation of an exciting space 4X strategy that will invite players to create their own empire. Your victories will start small, but using a variety of methods, such as diplomacy, conquest, cultural hegemony, scientific research and others, you can create a magnificent state. In Galaxies Civilization 3, which can be downloaded torrent, all the stars can belong to you for free. If you can of course, keep the balance between your needs and influence in the entire galaxy. A single company will teach you to make compromises; here you will need not only an entrepreneurial grasp or a show of power, but also a balancing between them.

Game features:

1. Do not play the same game all the time. This sandbox will offer a random generation of the whole world, where each new map is a new opportunity.
2. There are a lot of ways to realize goals. Start your own military career, trading company, cultural dominance, technological dominance or diplomatic alliance, whatever choice you make, it’s possible to become a legendary person in this world.
3. A long storyline story, which, although it will follow a single scenario, will offer you new tests each time.
4. Extensive technology development tree. Each of the many francs has its own unique technologies that can be developed, both in depth and in width.
5. The ability to create your own civilization, customize the appearance of the ship, its upgrades, technology, and so on.



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