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System requirements Gacha Life

Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (x64)



Gacha Life

The presented millimeter project is more like an application than a game. In addition, based on its genre features, not all gamers may like it. For those who like to develop and change the appearance of characters, select the most extravagant outfits, this game will definitely like it. To start playing, you need to download the Gacha Life torrent to your PC on our website. In the presented game project, there are many different features, in addition to creating the appearance for your character. Mini-games, which are also provided by the creators of the game, will allow you to have a good time behind the gameplay. You will roam the virtual world, meet other characters, talk to them, try to make friends. In short, the game is calmer, without adrenaline and adventure, more focused on aesthetic pleasure.

More about the game

In addition to all of the above, the game has a so-called studio mode, to which you also have access. With it, you will get the opportunity to pose for 8 characters. Create different fun or not-so-very moments with these characters who are seemingly quite funny. You can find a trial version of the game, however, why bother with it if you can immediately download the Gacha Life torrent in full version on the specified Internet portal. In the full version, you can take full advantage and play mini-games. In fact, they are not the most difficult and for most experienced gamers it will not be difficult to pass them. It is enough to think more creatively.

Create your own character

You can change your character in the game Gacha Life as you want. Fashion trends in the anime world will create a vivid image. Experiment with styles, choose from a huge number of available items, weapons, hats, etc. to create new images. Each character has about 20 slots open for clothing. Create a new image for your character, change his hairstyle, shape and color of eyes, lips and other details of appearance. The choice you have for this is very large.

Unique studio mode

A feature of the game will be the ability to create some plot scenes in studio mode. There is a special text editor where you can enter phrases for your characters. You have the opportunity to create an interesting story yourself. You can connect some scenes together and thereby get beautiful sketches.

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