G String

System requirements G String:

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4
Video card: GeForce 7800 with 256 MB
Free space on hard disk: 18.9 GB


G String

Put on your standard bio-suit as Mio Hyori, a gifted Korean teenage girl facing the dangers of the future. In G String, you will experience many dangers, explore the seemingly endless metropolis and beyond, as the world collapses around you, and the story moves towards its inevitable end.

More about the game

It’s a cyberpunk-inspired first-person shooter with easy puzzles and a long, detailed single player campaign focused on story and world building. G-String strives for an old-school approach where hands are minimal and your bio suit automatically tracks your health stats, ammo and armor status.


You need supplies to self-heal, replenish ammo and armor, but your suit will automatically take care of your light, running and breathing (outdoors and underwater). Your onboard neuro amplifiers, air filters and light sources automatically recharge when driving or in sunlight.


Courtesy of Bortz Bioengineering, your suit is very resilient, but you must be careful: prolonged exposure to toxins will result in fatal failure! You need to watch out for all sorts of environmental hazards, especially later, when the pace increases significantly.

Game features

Your telekinetic and pyrokinetic abilities will be available from the start and for most of the game, they should be enough to make progress until there are more inputs available. It’s worth noting that initially your night vision will be disabled, as your bio-suit was allegedly damaged in earlier laboratory experiments.

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