Free Running


System requirements Free Running:

OS: Windows 7/10
Processor: 1Ghz
Video card: 512Mb
Disk space: 1 GB

Free Running

Dynamic and crazy parkour – that’s who the main character of this exciting game is! If you download the torrent Free Running on PC, then your hero will perform more than 60 tasks, which are diverse, divided into 10 levels in three zones with peculiar styles of gameplay. You will master absolutely enchanting stunts, such as vertical run on steep walls or Pharaoh’s ascent, and many others.

More about the game

Free running, regardless of any obstacles, which in fact is the essence of parkour, and is the heart of the action sports game. Free Running gives you the opportunity to walk on a perch at great heights, jump huge distances and cling to small ledges, climb walls and do dizzying somersaults. This is His Majesty Parkour in all its diversity, and it is made to the limit realistically, it is already breathtaking!


The game has variability, expressed in nine different modes, including “Stunt”, “Race” and “Target Collection”. You can change sportswear, apply more and more new tricks, use a variety of stimulating music to be active. The technique of free running, so popular in real life, is recreated here. You can also compete with other parkour fans in the virtual space and try to win the title of the greatest Free Runner of all time.

Features of the game

But you need to understand that parkour is not only strength, but also an accurate calculation, and it is also present in the game when completing tasks of varying difficulty. In any case, all this turns out to be very dynamic, cool and somehow joyful, especially when you manage to pass some particularly difficult test, from which you just shudder. There will be no obstacles in front of you that cannot be overcome – isn’t that great!

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