Freaky Awesome

System requirements Freaky Awesome:

Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Video Card: Discreet video card
Disk space: 300 MB


Freaky Awesome

If you like classic American action movies in which the main character always defeats all his opponents, he never runs out of ammo, and in the finale he is waiting for a kiss of a beautiful woman, then you will definitely like the game Freaky Awesome, which you can download on our website. The game itself is built on the principle of arcade machines – there are a huge number of opponents, a sea of ​​weapons and incredible opportunities to destroy their enemies, which literally have to kill hundreds. The undoubted advantage of the game is its arcade and unobtrusiveness, so this is a great option in order to have a good time.


The main action of the game Freaky Awesome, the torrent of which we offer to download on our website, takes place in a city sewer. It is clear that many different creatures live here, mortally dangerous for any living creature. All of them will try to destroy you by any means – however, the most common way for them to simply touch you. Thus, they will give you a deadly infection, so you need to not let them near you at any cost. However, given the amount of weapons that will be available to you, there will be no problem with this – you just need to deal with your enemies in any convenient way, that’s all.

Destroy the mutants

The main character of the game Freaky Awesome is a mutant hunter. The work is dirty and unpleasant – you need to wander around the crap sewage system, where a person’s foot rarely steps. In addition to mossy and slippery walls and floors, as well as an unbearable stench, there are many different mutants in the sewers – there are hundreds, if not thousands. Even the slightest touch to you can turn you into the same mutant, so do not hesitate and methodically shoot all the monsters that will meet you on the way. However, one way or another, your hero will still turn into a monster, since the constant presence among the fetid miasms and radiation contributes to all kinds of bad transformations. So be that as it may, by the end of the game your hero will also turn into a monster, both physically and spiritually. But if you try to download Freaky Awesome via torrent for free, then you will have a chance to destroy as many creatures as possible before you yourself become a real monster.

Game features

The main feature of the game Freaky Awesome, download the torrent that we offer on our website video games, the fact that your hero is a mutant hunter. Therefore, even despite all the precautions, you are still in constant contact with these monsters and gradually become infected from them. On the one hand, this is good – you get unique skills from opponents that will be useful, but on the other hand, negative qualities that turn you into a real monster also come from you. On the other hand, over time, you will gradually mutate into a mountain of rotting and decaying flesh, with a degrading personality.

Of the other pluses, random generation of locations can be noted – this is by no means an innovation, since a similar system is widely used in many other projects. However, this makes the game more interesting, as you can go through each location in a new way. In a word, if you download Freaky Awesome torrent for free, you will get an exciting, nightmare and exciting adventure, with large-scale and epic battles and an unusual ending.

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