Fortune & Gloria


System requirements Fortune & Gloria

Video card: 512 MB
Memory: 1 GB
Processor: Intel Core i3
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Space: 500 MB


Fortune & Gloria

This is a dynamic game with the ability to play with friends. This time you have to plunge into a fierce confrontation between major military structures. You shouldn’t hope for luck, it simply won’t be here. As soon as you decide to download the Fortune & Gloria torrent, you will immediately understand how difficult it is at times to fight with whole groups of enemies. That is why you will be able to play as an elite soldier of a special unit. We wish you good luck!

More about the game

In Fortune & Gloria, you will find yourself in a world of ruthless military action, supported by large and powerful military structures. Each structure has its own advantage over the enemy, as well as a fairly good combat arsenal. Fortune is definitely not worth expecting for you here, and with luck you can say goodbye from the very first minutes, the main thing here is to be brave, also to possess some cunning in order to kill at the root all the dangerous plans conceived by the enemy.


Whole crowds of enemies will rise in front of you, and it is not so easy to defeat them as it might seem at first glance. Be attentive and try to always ennoble your fighting abilities in order to deal very well with even the most powerful enemy. The process refers to a cooperative passage, where you, together with a team of your own faithful friends, go into the world of resistance to cleanse it of evil. A distinctive feature is that all levels and missions are randomly generated, which will make your pastime very exciting

Features of the game

– A cooperative in its purest form.
– If you decide to play alone, then get ready to actively switch roles, as you will have to complete tasks in tandem with another hero.
– Missions are randomly generated, so it will be extremely interesting to play.
– Large groups of opponents.
– Interesting surroundings.
– A large set of difficulties that will appeal to even the most inveterate hardcore player.
– Ability to download Fortune & Gloria via torrent for free right now.

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