Forgotten Fields


System requirements Forgotten Fields

Operating system: Windows 7.
Processor: 1.8GHz.
Video card: Intel HD 4000 series.
RAM (GB): 4.0.
Free space on HDD (GB): 3.0.


Forgotten Fields

Home is a place that heals or inspires, however, not everyone is anxious about it. For example, the protagonist of the Forgotten Fields story will be a science fiction writer named Sid. He has become popular for a long time, however, due to laziness, he accidentally spent all the money and in order to restore a normal life, he urgently needs to overcome a creative crisis. He tried to do it alone, however, he did not succeed. And now the deadline for applying for a writer’s grant has come, and he will have to go home to his family instead of work. The very house that will soon be gone, as it is being sold to other people. It is this motive that will become fateful for our protagonist.

Wonderful story

This game is presented in the form of interactive storytelling. In which the player will take part as an observer. You will personally see how the feelings of relatives and the atmosphere of the house permeate the main character. How overflowing emotions rush out and do incredible things in his head. Indeed, thanks to such inspiration, he begins to dream. Creating a real fairy tale in my head. It is such a catalyst that he needs to overcome the creative crisis, and we invite you to feel it, it will be enough just to download Forgotten Fields via torrent on PC for free and nothing else.

Think of this story as sturdy art with a touch of human meaning. Such games are released extremely rarely, so you have a unique opportunity to touch the perfection that will surely delight you. Be prepared for different discoveries and try to achieve a favorable result.

Features of the game

An interesting and elaborate story about human feelings.
Watch as the writer goes into a trance and creates a new world in his head.
Help the main character make decisions and avoid dead ends.
Pay close attention to everything that happens, as there is meaning in every detail.
Use this game to plunge into a whole sea of ​​positive feelings.

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